maddox-train-1960What started as a trade for services rendered has become a bit of an urban legend. For many months, Archer locals have asked, “Where’s the train?” Like many gracefully aging mavens, the train is receiving some tender loving care.

BLW c/n 28398, the Maddox Locomotive, along with some lumber was originally received in trade by Hitup Maddox from the Charleston Lumber Co., Wiggins, South Carolina in 1928.  The train was used to haul loads around the yard.  In 1960, the train was decommissioned, refurbished and put on display. 

maddox-trainYears of exposure to the elements took its toll on the old train.  So, in anticipation of the 105th anniversary of the company, the staff of Maddox Foundry & Machine Works took it upon themselves to give the train a complete overhaul from stern to stack.  In addition, new tracks were laid, and a period-style roof protects the train for years to come.