foundry3_tallOur Ductile Iron / Steel Foundry has pouring capacities of up to 7,000# per single piece and the ability to customize our work schedule to accommodate rush requirements, the foundry division of Maddox is what sets us apart from the competition.

Our Brass Foundry has pouring capabilities of up to 350# per single piece on a variety of bronze and brass, as well as B-356 grade aluminum up to 300#. 


Pouring - Ferrous Metals
- Ductile Iron, Steel and 28% Chrome-Iron 

Pouring Non-Ferrous Metals
- Brass, Bronze, Aluminum




Thermal Stress-Relieving

Maddox provides thermal stress relief functions with our 6’ high x 9’ wide x 18’ deep oven capacities for fabricated weldments and castings stress relief.  This provides Maddox with the ability to quench and temper our castings for:
• Trunnions
• Mill hammers
• Dredge cutter teeth
• Related alloy steel castings for extra wear life

This process includes heating weldments and Maddox castings up to 2000 degree F and slowly cooling.   This then results in a reduction of existing and new residual stresses.

Materials and Equipment List

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