recyclingMaddox has and continues to serve as a good steward of the land.  From recycling metals and supplies, to meeting environmental compliances for water, air and land, Maddox continues this tradition. Maddox has been given the green light by DEP and other related state and federal agencies by meeting compliance for clean water, soil, and air regulations for more than 104 years of continuous operation.

Preserving The Florida Aquifer

One of the major veins of the Central Florida Aquifer runs under the Maddox property.  A recent Regulatory review found no impact to the Aquifer and we remain committed to doing our part to keep our precious water resource clean.

The Bone Yard Clean-Up

In 2008-2009, the “Steel Bone Yard” was given a much-needed clean-up. 16,200 cubic yards of green sand and 3,625,000 pounds of recyclable metal have been reclaimed and reintroduced into usable material.

Future Recycled Metal Storage Availability

As a service to our customers, we offer storage of metals and products that can later be recycled into new products. Contact one of our representatives for more information.

Stormwater Retention Ponds

On our 17.9 acres, we have devoted over 2 acres to storm retention ponds and catch basins.  The provided ponds serve as a run-off area not only for the plant, but for the downtown city of Archer and is testament to our support of the community’s continuous effort to improve storm water management.


Air-Quality Monitoring

As an open-air shop, we’re committed to providing a clean-air environment for our employees and our community.  We take pride in working with local regulatory officials to ensure clean and safe air-quality.



Maddox recognizes our recycling partners:

  • Gerdau-Ameristeel
  • Ocala Recycling
  • Florida Concrete Recycling
  • J.R. Plastics
  • Clarke Environmental
  • Howco Environmental
  • U.S. Filter


Regulatory Compliances

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